With Spring Upon Us, What Trends Can We See in The Tiling World?

Tile is an integral part of interior designing, and if you are thinking about decorating your interior the first thing that is supposed to hit your mind is what kind of tiles you are going to use. Since there are many kinds of tiling designs and trends ongoing in 2021, it can be hard for you to choose one for your home decor. You must choose a trend carefully so that it perfectly aligns with your house and your taste. So that you can have a feeling of fulfillment from your home.

With Spring Upon Us, What Trends Can We See in The Tiling World?

Tiling Trends to Follow in Spring

As spring has come upon us again, you might want to decorate your home with the essence of spring. As spring is the most elegant time of year, you might want to decorate your home aligning with this season. Also, you might think decorating a home is a long-term thing, why will you decorate it based on a season that only lasts for a certain time of the year? Is it worth it?

But I am here to tell you why it’s worth it. Spring is beloved by almost everyone, and I bet you love it too! But sad that we can’t have it all the time, it goes away after a little amount of time. But you can keep holding on to it if you want. You can decorate your home in a way so that your home will always give off the spring-like feels. In your home, you will feel like it’s springtime, and the comfort of spring will be with you forever in your own home.

And for doing that you can follow different designs and get tiles to implement those. However, there are some trends going around that are really great and suitable as spring designs, which you can go for to decorate your interior. Some of these trends are-

Neutral Hue Design

You can instantly have a calming effect in your space if you use the neutral hue design for the interior of your home, also you can create a soothing view. You can also play with different color schemes and choose interesting ones from them. There are some alluring color choices such as sea blue, mint green, candy pink, summer sorbet, etc. Due to having nice insulation capabilities and a cooling effect, you can choose cement tiles to use for these designs.

Going Close to Nature

You can try to have a more natural effect at your home during the time of spring, which will bring the spring inside your home. You can create a natural sanctuary inside your living space by going with natural stone tiles for your interior design, which is a timeless classic.

Natural tiles have neutral color schemes, and they are made from natural slate, marble, and stone, and you can easily style them based on whatever look you want to create. You can have a colorful design or a really soothing view. Also, their light tones can add a sense of depth to your room, along with making your small rooms look bigger.

Going for Brick Tiles

You can go for brick tiles to decorate your bathrooms and kitchens, which will add a different look to them that aligns with the season. Subway and brick tiles have gained massive popularity in recent years. Brick tiles will offer you a huge versatility that is more than other tile styles, and they are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and finishes.

You can go for the really simple and minimalist ones if you want. Whatever you choose, whether a calming neutral design, a quirky and patterned style or a completely traditional brick look, the brick tiles will provide you with a focal point in your interior design that will get better with time.

Bringing in More Color

Spring is a really colorful season, so it is only fitting that you bring in more color inside your home too. It is a popular belief that using more colorful patterned and designed tiles in your room can make it look smaller, darker, and congested.

But it shouldn’t be the case always, in fact using different colored tiles in your interior can add depth to the room, and personality too. You can bring the sunshine inside your room through these colorful tiles, whether you use them in your whole room, or just as a feature wall or backsplash.

Wood Effect Tile Designs

You can take a break from traditional tile designs, and resort to these special wood effect tiles. These designs give you the feeling of having a wooden floor, which will add natural beauty to your interior. They are really versatile, but their maintenance is really easy and they’re not much expensive too. The striking look you can have from this design is heavenly.

Final Words

Bringing the spring in your home can be a tough task, but if done right, you can live inside the comfort of spring for a long time. It’ll be like you have captured the season inside your own home. And these tiling trends will allow you to do so. So, in 2021 you can go for the aforementioned tiling trends and bring in a happy, soothing, and comfortable look inside your home through a striking and colorful interior design.

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