What Ages Are Kids Garden Climbing Frames Suitable For?

What Ages Are Kids Garden Climbing Frames Suitable For?

The world can be a serious place and wanting your kids to grow up in a healthy, happy environment is not too much to ask for, is it? If you are fortunate enough to have a home that has a garden then being outdoors and getting involved with the kids is the best way to make those lasting memories, and they will certainly look back on it and smile.

If not, then taking them down to the park, possibly riding your bikes there will get them jumping for joy and sprinting to put on their helmets. And once you get there you will more than likely see the equipment that is changing the future, climbing frames.

Good times.

We all know them, love them -some of us- and have fond remembering’s of hanging out on them for hours on end with our friends (it is great to have life-long friends too, believe it or not, it is good for your health too, or just chilling with popsicles in the hot summer days. Climbing frames have been around for decades in some form or the other, and these days are more sophisticated than we could have ever hoped for as a kid, right?

They have agility courses built-in, obstacles for training and strength, and padding in all the right places, how much fun we would have had to have a construction like this at our parks.

What is even better nowadays is the fact that we can have these setups right in our backyard to take pleasure in at our free will, what more could you ask for? All you need to decide on is how big or small you want to go, what are the ages of your children and the suitability of the frame, and is there something for the adults too (here’s hoping)?

While many people claim that a limited age demographic should be allowed on climbing frames the majority of parents spoken to would disagree, myself included. And if you as a responsible parent allow your kids to play on the frames irrespective of if they are of ‘suitable’ age then it is your choice, but we all know kids are highly capable of different things at different ages. It also depends on their personalities with some being more timid and others like my son who can climb and scale any obstacle you throw at him.

It comes down to personal preferences and at the end of the day, it is your garden, your family, and your final say. Simple. So if this summer looks like the season for barbecuing and having friends and family over each weekend, then check out sites like https://adventureclimbingframes.ie/ for that perfect complement to that newly manicured lawn. The kids will be entertained for hours, and some adults to no doubt will have their turn on the slides and swings, and you can live your life to the fullest as it should be.

The plus side.

You may not think it but the list of benefits of climbing frames are more than we know, let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons why it could be beneficial for your family to have a climbing frame installed this summer.

  • Problem-solving. This was not something I had considered until it was pointed out to me and I saw it first hand, but children quickly learn to navigate and overcome obstacles that are hindering their way. They think on their feet and find a solution quicker than we imagined.
  • Social. Playing on a climbing frame your kid will soon find someone to chat to, whether it be a friendly challenge offer, or simply relaxing and swinging together while getting to know the new kid on the ropes.
  • Physical. Most of the elements require some form of muscle so getting their bodies moving and implementing a healthy, active lifestyle is an easy bonus to the playtime. 

There are many more positives of climbing frames for both parents and children, and if you have never thought it to be one then now is the time to give it a go, hold on a little longer to your childhood and build a great one for the kids. Win-win.

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