4 Reasons to vape over smoke tobacco products

“Smokers lungs don’t blow balloons,” is a famous saying that highlights how detrimental smoking is to human lungs. Puffing cigarettes put you at risk of cancer, respiratory diseases, and even heart problems.

Strokes are more prevalent with smokers than with non-smokers. Because of the destructive effects of smoking, vaping is increasingly gaining popularity as an alternative to smoking.

vape over smoke tobacco products

What is vaping?

It is using electronic cigarettes in place of regular tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes are not the only nicotine delivery devices; there is also vape pens and MODS. The name vaping came about from the small vapor clouds that form when using the tools.

Vaping is also, JUUling to the young and hip generation of vapers. Since quitting cigarette smoking is tough, a transition through e-cigarettes helps. While vaping still involves nicotine, it is a much safer alternative to tobacco products.

Despite the spread of vaping and e-cigarettes, there are many conflicting theories around the practice as many claims that it’s still as harmful as smoking. However, what you should understand is, there is no combustion in vaping.

Therefore, when you vape, you don’t inhale any smoke, subsequently, no tar or carbon monoxide.

  1. Lower health risk

The primary advantage of vaping over smoking is the lower health implications from vaping. While smoking poses many threats not only to the smoker but bystanders as well, vaping is a safer way of inhaling and exhaling aerosol.

According to studies, vaping gives a smoker all the benefits they long for without the risks that come with inhaling tar and carbon monoxide. The studies conclude that inhaling tobacco products without combustion and smoke production is the safest available alternative yet.

  1. Convenience

There are many no smoking signs plastered around public places to minimize the risk of bystanders suffering from the odor and inhaling smoke from a smoker’s cigarette. However, with vaping, you don’t have to worry about making other people uncomfortable since there’s no smoke.

The widespread social acceptance of vaping is encouraging more smokers to switch from smoking. Besides, one or two puffs from an e-cigarette pack enough nicotine to tide you over.

  1. No addiction

Smoking is addictive, but vaping isn’t as addicting. Many people who’ve quit smoking for vaping often find that it’s easy to go long periods without vaping. When they were smokers, they couldn’t last a day without smoking while with vaping, they don’t feel the need to vape every hour or every day.

  1. E-liquid flavors

One of the complaints that smokers get is the odor from their cigarettes. Besides the burning smoke that you inhale, cigarettes don’t have a lot of flavors to choose. However, vaping involves several e-liquid flavors that allow you to decide what you want.

There are mint, bubblegum, and fruit which are a welcome change from the monotonous tobacco smoke.

Most smokers find themselves enjoying the flavors that come with vaping which helps them forget the smoking and makes the transition easier.


Vaping is a safer choice to smoking, but it is not entirely free of health risks since it still involves inhaling nicotine. The differences and advantages over smoking are convincing enough to give vaping a try.


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