The Top Surrogacy Clinic in Ukraine: The World Center of Baby

The Top Surrogacy Clinic in Ukraine: The World Center of Baby

The World Center of Baby is a surrogacy Ukraine agency for couples who want to have a child.

It is one of the best clinics that helps parents to have children. It will save your interests and preferences.

The clinic has modern technology and equipment. It offers gestational surrogacy only ensuring the interests of all the parties participated in the process.

The surrogate mothers go through a medical examination before pregnancy. This service is also a perfect option for gay couples.

The agency is a legal organization. It also provides eggs donation for couples. The experienced doctors will observe the pregnancy. The mother can also go through screening in the clinic.

Best Surrogacy Ukraine Features

In Ukraine, surrogacy is a service allowed by the law. It is defined with the Family Code. There are laws that define the process of becoming a surrogate mother. The government protects the couples and bans the discrimination of the surrogate mother.

The intended parents have more rights over the child than the surrogate mother. They are considered the real parents from the beginning. The surrogate mother should give them the child in all cases. Yet, there were some new legislation changes. So, it is now difficult to protect the intended parents’ rights. So, there can be law violations.

Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine for Married Couples

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine differs depending on the agency you choose. To find out the prices, look through a forum about different surrogacy clinics. On average, the price is 35000 dollars. It will also differ depending on the service and program you choose. There are different surrogacy services.

The services include egg donors, diagnosis, and embryo storage. You can also order insurance for the mother and personal consultation with managers. Another option is an apartment in the capital for those who want to be near their surrogate. The price for surrogacy in Ukraine is much lower than in other countries and the quality of the service is high.

Best Surrogacy Agency in Ukraine: What to Choose?

What is the best and the most reliable surrogacy agency in Ukraine?

The World Center of Baby is an agency that deals with people from different countries. Ukraine is one of the leading destinations.

  1. The agency provides care and legal insurance for the surrogate mother
  2. You will have options to have your child born in another country
  3. The agency gives help with children for couples, single parents, and LGBT families
  4. The mother goes through a medical examination before applying for the process. She also goes through screening and signs the contract. She cannot take the child from the parents
  5. The agency also offers affordable prices

Gestational Surrogacy Ukraine: What Should You Know?

In Ukraine, only gestational surrogacy is allowed. You can order it in World Center of Baby. Traditional surrogacy is an illegal service. Gestational surrogacy implies the mother does not have any genetic connection with the child. The intended parents are biologically the child’s parents. The process is conducted in a medical organization with the parents’ own material. You can also order the service with an egg donor.

Yet, to order the service, a person should have an official husband or wife. Gay couples and single parents cannot order surrogacy in Ukraine. Yet, you may become a donor yourself.

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