How to Ride Mountain Bike Through Rain Effectively

Cycling fans are not worried about the rain, and they love to keep riding mountain bike even there is rain or wet weather. But it does not ease as, like regular riding, we have to be more cautious during that time. Let’s share some useful tips that will help the rider to ride without any difficulties.  In terms of the question, “are electric bikes good for hills,” it depends on the hill and the bike.

How to Ride Mountain Bike Through Rain Effectively

Here we go:

Avoid potholes and puddles

Potholes are bad news, especially for cyclists and road cyclists. They can divert you from your path or in the worst case damage or crash your wheels. In the rain they become even more complicated, not only because of the reduced grip but because you cannot see if it is a shallow puddle or a precipice of ruin. Stay clear!

Lower the pressure of your tires

By slightly reducing the pressure on your tires, say between 15 and 20 psi of your average height, you can get more grip on the road. The downside is that it will be much slower, but it can be a valuable compromise if the weather conditions are adverse.

You can also opt for wider tires. For a racing bike, this could mean you fall on a 28 cc wide tire rather than a 23 cc wide tire.

Beware of slippery spots

Rain can make roads dangerous, especially if it’s dry for a while. Try to avoid puddles, painted lines and the rainbow that reveals oil stains and everything should be fine. If you cannot prevent them, try to avoid breaking or turning when you are on them.

Check your speed and avoid heavy braking.

Wet weather means that you have to be more considerate in the way you drive and how you control your speed. Avoid sudden and robust braking as you risk losing traction and skidding. Be sure to look ahead, anticipate where you need to stop or slow down and make moves to do it slowly and with much anticipation. Apply your brakes gently and slowly and brake slowly.

Be careful when cornering

The corners are another obstacle that you have to take care of yourself. As before, look up and watch the curve and reduce your speed before turning around, so you do not slow down when cornering.

The most comprehensive line around the corner is best because it’s the straightest, so go to the full open angle, close to the inside, and then go far. This may not be possible if many other people are traveling at the same time.

If you turn the corner, drop your outside foot to the lowest point and move your weight a little more, as this increases the grip on the road.

Travel steadily and predictably

It’s something you can do for other passengers on the road. It is essential if you drive in a large group, to go steady and predictable, which means that you do not suddenly brake, turn, cross the aisles, etc. These actions not only affect you, but they can also say that Drivers in your area have to stop. Suddenly, which increases the likelihood that someone will skate or crash?

Make sure you have the right kit

A good waterproof jacket makes the difference in your wet driving experience, especially if you’re on the road for several hours. Waterproof covers, socks, pants, and gloves are also great options if you want to be adequately protected from the elements.

Final words

We never know the exact rain time and also some mountain bike rider love to run through the rain. In that case, we should have proper preparation, and if you were able to make sure above tips you are following, then I can tell you can enjoy mountain bike riding even in the rain.

Best of luck!

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