{PDF} Head first c latest edition PDF download

{PDF} Head first c latest edition PDF download

Product Information

Title: Head First C (2012): A brain-friendly guide

Author: David Griffiths; Dawn Griffiths

Publishers: O’Reily Media, Inc.

You can learn structured C programming from this book with a completely unique method. The method not only teaches the syntax but also the key areas of the language.

Head First C
  • Griffiths David (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 652 Pages - 11/15/2012 (Publication Date) - Shroff - O'Reilly (Publisher)

Paperback | e-Book/PDF

Book Description

The books in the head first series are designed in such a way that stimulates the brain by telling stories and visualizing techniques. The head first C book teaches how to be a good programmer through an innovative approach.

You will learn key topics like language syntax, pointers, pointers arithmetic, and memory management. Advanced topics include multi-threading and network programming. The book is well-structured for students as well as professionals. The approach is not text-heavy material but visually-rich content that stimulates the brain.

Table of Contents

C is a language for small and fast programs. C helps you understand what is really going on. The book has a brief introduction topic that exceptionally captures the language. There are 12 chapters and various sub-topics in those chapters. The book also has some chapters on the lab sessions or practical sessions of the C language.


The book spans over 600 pages but the author makes sure that you are never bored. The book is for the individuals who want to understand actually what is happening and apply the things. The book is for someone who wants to master C and create the next big software. Our brain is designed to capture something unusual. So, the authors have tried to use that as a door to our learning.

The first chapter is ‘getting started with C’ and it has all the basic information on the language. The structure of a C program, how to run the program, what are the commands, what is a compiler, and various common tools of the language.

The next chapter is the most important topic of the language: Memory and Pointers. You should understand how C handles memory if you want to create something extraordinary. The chapter introduces some common functions, data types, and working of memory.

Chapters three and four describes creating small tools and programs and using multiple source files. The header file is where the functions are defined. So, understanding the working of header files can help in better programming.

The next section is coding on Arduino. Arduino is nothing but a small printed circuit board that can be coded to perform tasks. The author has displayed some examples with great ease.

The next chapters are about structures, unions, and data structures. The use of data structure is of paramount importance in creating a program. The use of the linked-list is displayed in a graphical way. The uses of malloc() function and other memory-related functions are displayed in these chapters.

There is also a section on the OpenCV programs. The last chapters tell you about the system calls, processes, and functions associated with them. What are interruptions, exec() functions, how to stop programs, and what are sockets and networks are taught in the last 2-3 chapters.

Features of Head First C:

  • Use of pictures: The brain is more receptive to pictures. A picture is more worth than a thousand words. The authors have used more graphical cues in the book.
  • Redundancy: The authors have said the same thing in different ways. This method ensures that the knowledge gets imprinted in your brain.
  • Activities: The author has included about 80 activities in the book. When there is a give and take of the thoughts, the students learn more.
  • Stories: The authors have used a new approach to teaching. The stories engage us with the content and we are hooked till it finishes.

So, the book is well equipped with the content and stories that can teach you about C language. Don’t wait too long to read this incredible book. Install the compiler and start learning one of the best languages in programming. Let the coding begin.

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