Patreon: added revenue for every influencer

Patreon: added revenue for every influencer

You have a strong following online. Lots of companies ask for you to promote their products, which makes you enough money to live from. Of course this is very nice, but it can feel a little insecure at times, as you can’t really approach companies yourself. If you’re looking for a more stable income as an influencer, this blog is perfect for you. We’ll introduce you to Patreon: the best friend of every influencer.

What is Patreon?

Patreon can be seen as a social media platform, but it works slightly different from other channels you’re used to: when someone wants to see the content you upload on Patreon, they have to be subscribed to you. A subscription isn’t free and often comes in different degrees, with every degree having different prizes and different benefits. For example, something like this:

  • For €5,- a month, subscribers get access to BTS-scenes from your social media posts
  • For €10,- a month, subscribers get access to BTS-scenes and get exclusive posts
  • For €15,- a month, subscribers get access to BTS-scenes, exclusive posts and get access to a special Discord server that you’re active in

Of course, what every degree means is fully up to you. This is only an example.

Why does Patreon work?

Believe it or not, but your followers often don’t watch your content for the awesome products you promote, but they watch for you. When you announce that you now can be found on Patreon as well, there will be a group of people interested in subscribing. This means that you now have a monthly source of revenue, that won’t disappear as long as you keep your word and upload the content as promised. This makes for a lot more security than just brand deals, which of course adds on nicely to the Patreon-revenue you now have.

Is Patreon safe?

One disadvantage of uploading exclusive content is that it easily can be screenshotted and shared. Therefore, a lot of content creators aren’t a big fan of Patreon, as they’re scared for a DMCA takedown to happen. The reason why we say Patreon is a safe investment, is because we suggest working with an expert for DMCA protection along working with Patreon. These experts make sure that your exclusive content won’t be shared, meaning it’s as exclusive as you say it is.

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