Five Foolproof Tips to Write and Self-Publish a Romance Novel

Five Foolproof Tips to Write and Self-Publish a Romance Novel

Romance novels are one of the most interesting and captivating genres for readers worldwide.

Their elements such as intrigue, drama, intimacy, and much more make every read worth a while.

It is a genre that used to be considered vulgar but now captivates the hearts of millions.

Today, romance is one of the best-selling genres making it a lucrative opportunity for all writers. However, the competition in writing an eye-catching romance novel has been going on for decades. In such circumstances, it can be hard to stand out.

If you have never written and self-published a romance novel before, you may be worried about where exactly to begin. There are so many unique factors that make a love story worth your reader’s while. After all, you can see love everywhere but the truth is that it can be hard to explain.

Before you get overwhelmed any further, here are a few essential tips that can help you.

1. Create Strong Characters

Before you start to look for a reliable source to self-publish a romance novel, it is important to understand what contributes to making your story interesting for the readers. The first thing that may come to your mind is the characters.

The characters, especially in a romance novel, are the key to a reader’s heart. If they do not care about the character, they will not care about your book. The readers must feel for them to give them their time and attention.

Before you tell the readers about the characters, you need to know them in depth. Determine what makes the character feel happy or sad and define their driving force. Write every big and small detail till you feel that they are a complete person you know closely.

If you can feel your character to a point where you understand how they will react to a certain situation, you’ve successfully created a strong character. When you can feel all their emotions, your readers can too. After all, you create a human from scratch, and plan to give them universal feelings.

2. Create an Outline

Yes, you are the creator of the character in your fictional world and no one can challenge the in-depth understanding of the character that you have. But that does not mean that you leave everything in the flow. You need to create a detailed outline before you start typing a love story, even if spontaneously.

An outline can help you create the thorough story you want to share with the world. It makes sure that your story remains what you intended it to be till the very end. Without an outline, your story may take a different direction than you may have not intended.

But remember, an outline does not mean that you do not have any room for flexibility. If you find the opportunity to add interesting twists and turns, you can add them to the story. Maybe, things will turn out better for your characters than you expected in the beginning.

Some writers also choose to give their readers a sneak peek of their outline to get them excited about what’s coming. If you plan on doing the same, make sure that you just share a vague version of your outline. If it’s too detailed, you may give away more than intended.

3. Craft Descriptions of Intimacy

No romance novel is complete without a little bit of intimacy or sexual tension. One must understand that intimacy is not always supposed to take the characters to bed or even close. It’s all about describing the spark to your readers.

No matter how explicit the scenes of intimacy in your book are. Your readers will be indulged in your book and since they cannot see or feel like in a movie, you are the one who will undertake to describe. You must make your readers anticipate every encounter of your main characters.

Do not hold back from writing detailed descriptions of the physical intimacy between your characters. Make them feel as if they are in the same room as your characters viewing the building tension firsthand.

It is always a good idea to read the works of acclaimed artists in your chosen genre. After all, the more you read, the better you will be able to write. With time and work you read, the intimate scenes between your characters will only get better with time.

4. Pay Attention to the Cover Design

When someone enters a bookstore, the first thing they see is the covers of thousands of books in front of them. Naturally, they will walk towards the book with the cover that is closest to describing the genre they are looking for.

Therefore, you need to work on your book cover to get the attention of the right readers. If you do not have any experience in cover designing or graphic designing, to begin with, it’s better to hire a professional cover designer to undertake the job.

Make sure that you redraft the cover till you think that your story will be communicated through your cover. Otherwise, your book may be lost in the sea of so many other romance novels. After all, it is one of the most-written fiction genres.

5. Start a Mailing List

Before you start panicking and concerning yourself with self-publication, it’s better to think of smart ways to get the right readers prepared for what’s coming. A few decades ago, you could have considered placing a poster but now, the best way is to create a mailing list.

To get a beneficial mailing list, make sure that you have a subscription form on your author’s website. A subscription form can help you in getting connected with people who care about literature in your niche and genre.

Make sure that you frequently share updates about your upcoming book with your subscribers to keep them excited about what’s on the way. You can also link your social media handles on your author’s website so that your readers know what you are up to.

After all, staying connected with your readers is one of the best ways to market your work and make them feel special.

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