Courses Available When Studying In Malaysia

Studying abroad will prove to be insightful, fun, and life-changing. Although it can be frightening to travel abroad, it will truly change the student’s life and make them understand the world better. Individuals eager to study in Malaysia should learn more about the available courses. Thankfully, the options are plentiful with some of the most popular being accounting, education, and finance.

Courses Available When Studying In Malaysia

Bachelor Of Accounting

Getting a Bachelor’s degree in accounting is highly recommended because there are plenty of job openings in this field. In Malaysia, the student will have to complete ten semesters over three years and six months. With a bachelor’s in accounting, someone will be able to acquire a handful of jobs, including becoming a bookkeeper, accounting assistant, or auditing clerk.

Other options include tax preparation and payroll. Individuals eager to study in Malaysia should consider signing up for this course.

Bachelor Of Business Administration

Alternatively, the student may want to get a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Typically, this will require nine semesters and three years of studies. The BBA course will provide the student with essential skills for a handful of career paths. Some areas that will be suitable after graduation include franchising management, marketing, and business consultancy. The course will help the participant gain a better understanding of the basics of marketing, management, and macroeconomics.

They will gain essential entrepreneurial skills to ensure that they can excel in many jobs after graduation.

Bachelor Of Fashion Design With Marketing

The student should also consider becoming a fashion designer. Many people dream of being able to design their own shoes and dresses. For these people, getting a Bachelor of Fashion Design is recommended. The course will span over nine semesters and three years. The course is designed to provide the student with vital knowledge regarding designing and fabricating clothes.

Furthermore, it offers marketing education as well. Therefore, the student will know how to properly market the outfits they’ve designed. Students should always explore university courses available in Malaysia to find out which one is right for them.

Bachelor Of Education (Early Childhood Education)

A Bachelor in Childhood Education is a degree requirement for early childhood educators. Public, charter, and private schools have strict regulations when it comes to hiring preschool, elementary, and kindergarten teachers. Teachers are required to graduate from an accredited Early Childhood Education program.

High school graduates aiming for a career in education must obtain a Bachelor of Education degree. Education careers include school counselor, instructional coordinator, special education teacher, education administrator, mentor teacher, educational psychologist, health play specialist, and college professor.

A bachelor’s degree in education is a three- or four-year research-based program. Between 2019 and 2020, 85,057 students graduated from a bachelor’s in education course in the United States.


Malaysia is known for its excellent education system. It offers many top universities and great courses for students from around the world. Above, readers have learned about some of the top courses for foreign students. There are many more available. Therefore, the student should consider all options before choosing one that suits their needs.

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