Choosing the Perfect Coffee Beans

Choosing the Perfect Coffee Beans

Even though you are a coffee fanatic, it can be difficult choosing the perfect coffee bean.

This is because there are several brands to choose from in the market.

There are also lots of variables to make sense of. So, getting a little help on how to go about your shopping comes in handy.

This link has some of the best options when it comes to coffee beans. You can also check below for some of the best tips on how to choose your perfect caffeine beans. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in. 

The Best Tips to Choose the Right Coffee Beans

When it comes to picking the best coffee beans for your refreshment, there are a few things you want to consider. They include 

Know What You Want

It helps a lot if you know your preference. In today’s market, there are two main categories of caffeine beans. You have the Robusta, and you have the Arabica.

Understanding your preferred choice will help you arrive at your best decision. The Arabica grows in areas that are surrounded by high altitudes. You can quickly tell an Arabica due to its slightly acidic yet smooth taste. In contrast, a Robusta grows in areas of lower altitudes. A Robusta offers a bitter and spicy flavor.

Coffee lovers consider an Arabica the highest grade there is. This is because of how it grows. It can also be a result of the treatment it gets during its roasting stage.

So, first, know your preference.

Choose Based on Your Preferred Taste

Lots of beverage consumers want to have a consistently delicious brew. However, getting this delicious taste involves a trial and error process. Do you prefer a flavor that is smooth yet varies in acidity level?

Then you should consider light-colored, dry coffee beans. These do not require a long roast. The brew you get from them does not offer a bitter taste as well.

What if you prefer a brew that has got a strong taste? Then you should consider purchasing coffee beans that have undergone a long roast. These usually have a dark and shiny look. When brewed, they create a bold and bitter taste. They also produce more oil on the surface.

Know the Caffeine Levels You Want

Most people argue this, but dark roasted coffee beans do have more caffeine. Light roasted, on the other hand, contain the highest caffeine level. The beans used for espresso are medium roast.

If you want a higher caffeine intake, then consider light or medium roast coffee beans. You can check this page for more on the health benefits of caffeine.

Get Your Beans from a Reputable and Reliable Roaster

Purchasing from a reputable roaster is a step in getting your desired brew. You sometimes do not get the right taste out of your purchase. However, you are still likely to get a product that is free from flaws. A reputable roaster is a sure way to get a decent cup of coffee.

Always Make Sure to Check the Roast Date

The best coffee beans are freshly roasted. So, before you make your purchase, check the labels. The labels will tell you the roast date. This is, so you have an idea of how long your product has been roast for.

If you do not have a grinder at home, opt for whole bean bags. Ask your provider to grind them for you. Avoid buying your product packed as ground. It might not have been treated to taste.

Know Where Your Product Originates From

Lots of people are particular about where they get their purchases from. It helps to know the different regions where coffee beans originate from. Take, for example, Brazil; they import most of this product in the world. And Columbia produces the ones mainly used by commercial companies. Still, most people who enjoy a perfect brew consider shopping their beans from Kenya.

Avoid Buying Products that are Labelled 100% Coffee

Try to abstain from products labeled 100% Arabica or coffee. This isn’t at all true, even though the best ones come from this plant. Not all Arabica grains are processed the same way. You only need to look out for the mention of Varietal. You are more likely to get a quality brew from labels that mention Varietal.

Take Away

Choosing the perfect coffee beans requires paying attention to details. It also requires a good knowledge of what you want. Several companies will include labels that don’t depict the product’s quality. These labels are intended to attract potential buyers. The tips above will ensure you make the right choice during your selection.

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