5 No-Fail Ways to Write a Dissertation as Required

Dissertation is the last step a student has to take when graduating from the university. This paper could open the door to success in the future. A-level writing guarantees a good job and a high salary. Successful accomplishment of the academic assignment is real only in case a student is skillful enough. College writing takes not only much time. It occupies all the student’s mind, requires many efforts and much persistence.

Every graduate realizes the importance of the task and responsibility it demands. That is why many students get panic when dealing with it. Failure leads to serious consequences. Ph.D. is student’s daydream. We offer a guideline that might navigate you in your research. It will help you present a worthy paper and get the desired result.

5 No-Fail Ways to Write a Dissertation as Required

●    Step 1. Choose the Relevant Topic

Have you noticed that a concrete period in world history covers some specific problems? The 21st century is the epoch of global ecological catastrophes, biological weapons, artificial intelligence, marvelous innovations. Investigate scientific magazines, newspapers, blogs, annuals to reveal the urgent problem regarding your subject. Consult the supervisor to be sure in its value.

●    Step 2. Create an Outline

An outline reflects the structure of the paper. It might look in the following way:

  1. Abstract (short presentation of the content of the paper);
  2. Introduction (the background of the research, a thesis statement, facts, evidence, or statistics to prove the relevance and importance of the investigated topic, hypothesis, research questions, terms (definitions);
  1.    Literature Review (reflecting the research analysis from various points of view);
  2. Methods (qualitative/ quantitative ways to conduct research);
  3. Analysis of the Information and the outcome(s) of research.


Don’t forget to make notes on its margins. For example, you have found captivating data or citation. You can write down the name of the source and the page there. Later, it will be easier to enlist all used sources in the bibliography.

●    Step 3. Choose Effective Research Methods

There are two types of dissertations. The first type (empirical) needs testing to prove the hypothesis (lab tests, interviewing, experiments, etc.). The second one demands a true book worm (the study of already existing viewpoints and proves). Think of the best ways of data collection considering your dissertation type.

●    Step 4. Provide a Solid Plan and Follow It

Nothing left to chance. The best option is to set a time and word limit. For instance, you might write 1,000 – 2,000 words or 5-10 pages a week (regarding your deadline). Of course, nobody can start writing without thorough research. Due to that, you should also devote a concrete period to your main and additional study of a research problem. The main study includes the crucial issues of the topic. The additional one occurs when a person finds out other important points in the course of the literature review.

Then a student should have enough time to proofread and edit. So, the plan should be like this:

  • Topic search and learning college requirements (X days/weeks);
  • Observing literature and making notes (X weeks);
  • Writing (X words a day – X weeks);
  • Additional studies (X days) + go on writing;
  • Formatting;
  • Proofreading;
  • Editing;

A good plan promises on-time paper presentation without a fuss, nervous disorders and 6 common dissertation mistakes, which are easily overcome.

●    Step 5. Underpin a Plan or Have the Plan B

Not always, it is easy to stick to a route plan. Students often face force majeure connected with personal urgent problems. These circumstances stop research, delay its presentation, and even lead to a failure.

●      Solution #1

To sit and cry, “I can’t write my dissertation”, “I don’t know how to write a dissertation”. Then to plagiarize someone’s paper or do a dissertation anyhow to submit any copy of work. The result will be the same – tarnished reputation., low grades and a total failure.  Don’t dream about it? Go on reading and apply one of the best solutions to the problem, “I can’t do my dissertation”!

●      Solution #2

Today, there are many online services which are ready to help anytime. For example, this custom dissertation writing service guarantees 100% unique and supreme quality doctoral or masters papers. One should be careful when selecting a custom service. A student should feel safe. All writers must be experts. The service is to be reputable and possess a high rating. Its feedback page should contain only comments of real customers. As a rule, a senior student could suggest choosing the right one.

Nobody can write an A-level thesis paper in one day. That is why one should plan everything to be ready to finish on time. Even professional writing agencies need time to do that at the highest level. Only cheaters promise 50,000-word paper within 2 days. Top agencies meet a real deadline and offer affordable prices for this work.

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