List of Top 10 Best of Justin Timberlake’s Songs

Looking for best of Justin Timberlake Songs? Here are Top 10 Best of Justin Timberlake’s Hits from his large archive. Actually, Justin Timberlake has certainly come a long way since his debut as a Disney star in The New Mickey Mouse Club in the 90s, promptly gaining more popularity along the way as the beloved curly-haired boy band star of ‘NSYNC.

And it didn’t just stop there, from his high-profile relationships with fellow pop stars like Britney Spears to his solo debut that just established him as a household name in the music industry, the hits just keep coming and it’s no wonder why he’s often referred to as the “Prince of Pop” by contemporary critics.

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Top 10 Best of Justin Timberlake’s Songs

 Top 10 Best of Justin Timberlake’s Songs

10. Like I Love You (←)

Released in 2002 as his debut solo single in the album “Justified”, this is yet another song that deserves a mention on our list. With a fun and flirty music video that captured Justin’s familiar style, this definitely proved he had a more to offer beyond his boy-band persona.

9. Suit & Tie (←)

Suit & Tie is yet another popular mid-temp R&B song track that is great blend of a “slow-drawl” that is a mix of really slow synths, and “ever so slightly out of time” yet melodious drum claps that make it no less than melody to the ears.

The song is an ode to the many joys of “being good looking and really well-groomed”. The song was met with great reviews from critics who sing praise on both the singer’s talent and the song in itself. This is song that represents R&B in a way that many contemporary songs cannot.

8. My Love – 2006 (←)

With TI being featured in the song, “My Love” is another classic tune, capturing the upbeat yet sultry quality of Justin’s FutureSex/LoveSounds.

With Justin often stating that My Love was less about marriage and a more humble approach to love, the music video features Justin displaying his finest moves to the beatboxing, percussion, and staccato sounds of the song.

7. Summer Love – 2007 (←)

Summer Love is an up-tempo pop ballad that serves as a tribute to the season of summer and the endless romances that crop up with its advent. With a boom-clap and cascading chorus, Justin definitely gets the temperature rising with his desire for a sultry affair in the heat of the summer.

6. Can’t Stop the Feeling! – 2016 (←)

Recorded for the soundtrack to the upcoming film Trolls, this is an up-tempo disco-pop number with a tinge of funk influence. This track will get just about anyone up and about tapping their feet and grooving with its notes.

The song also has a lovely music video that hit the screens on May 16, 2016, and features Timberlake on a trip through everyday haunts as he dances through what a typical day might be, with ordinary people from different walks of life letting loose and embracing the happy feeling.

5. LoveStoned – 2007 (←)

Another hit from his second studio album, FutureSex/LoveSounds, LoveStoned is a sexually charged song with an upbeat dance tempo that definitely had the clubs grooving during its release.

With a creatively executed music video, it also has a distinct variation from the track I Think She Knows which has very slow guitar-driven basal notes. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this won him a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording.

4. Mirrors – 2013 (←)

Released as a part of his third studio album, The 20/20 Experience, the track was first composed in 2009, hugely inspired by the longstanding marriage of his grandparents, beautifully showcased with an eight-minute-long music video about two lovers who go about their life over several decades.

3. What Goes Around … Comes Around – 2006 (←)

A brilliantly composed song that captures the raging emotions of betrayal and forgiveness surrounding a bad relationship, What Goes Around … Comes Around was described by some music critics as a “sequel” to his 2002 single “Cry Me a River” – with Justin singing about the woes of being with someone who can’t be faithful to him.

The song received rave reviews from music critics, with an eight-minute-plus music video starring the beautiful Scarlett Johansson as the sultry, unfaithful girlfriend who meets a tragic end.

2. Cry Me A River – 2002 (←)

Recorded for his very first studio album in 2002- Justified “Cry Me A River” was co-written by Timberlake, having been inspired by his high-profile relationship with singer Britney Spears that ended on a sour note.

“Cry Me a River” has the tune of an R&B song, quick and enthralling with its poignant narrative about a broken-hearted man who moves on from his unfaithful ex-girlfriend.

1. SexyBack – 2007 (←)

Not only did “SexyBack” became Timberlake’s first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100, topping the charts for seven consecutive weeks, it peaked at several other charts.

“SexyBack” was also a critical success that was received well from music critics as Camilla Long from The Observe comments: “SexyBack” is an upbeat pulsing track with distorted vocals and heavy, electronic chords all wrapped together with rap.”

This young talented singer has been the talk of the town for a while now. His songs are peppy full of life and enthuse joy and cheer. These songs are easy to download and will help you groove through the day. What are you waiting for? Download the Top 10 hits by Justin Timberlake today!

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